Odds and ends: zoo, water jinn’s palace, cloud giants

Love the expansion; they’re always worth the wait. Please keep it up and thank you for all the work that goes into each one. A few odds and ends from my questing:
1. What spell do I use to kill the witches in the water jinn’s palace? I assumed it would be water balloon or water hose, but neither is very effective.
2. How do I get the cloud giant to listen to me? He can’t hear me over the noise.
3. I’m stuck in the basilisk zoo rainbow. I can get red, but the orange flower isn’t working for me and when I try to go onto yellow the puzzle resets. What am I missing?


  • The spell to kill the Blue Ladies is Drool.

    Cloud Giant--you need the quest "Cloud Giants-For Umar the Farmer, Jhambu Hills, speak to the Cloud Giants in the Himadra Mountains and persuade them to keep the wind and rain gentle until his crops are gathered."

    And you need Persuasion of at least 200 and Mind Magic of at least 85.

    Zoo: This is Old Shaman's Guide which you can buy in the game--

    There are seven colors in the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, violet.

    So now WALK the rainbow path. Remember to follow that order. One or two colors you might find within the maze itself.

    When you step on the colorful flower that represents the rainbow shade, a path will open. Follow it to the end. You can tell where the openings are by checking your map. Do not teleport out.

    Once you've stepped on the colorful flower that opens a path, don't step on it again.

    If you get stuck, start over with the red flower.

    ---Old Shaman

    Be very careful when you step on flowers. If you got red, you can't do anything until you finish orange, so if you stepped on yellow before doing orange, the game will reset. Start again with red.

    It takes a lot of patience. Possibly while you were in the red path you stepped where you shouldn't.

    When you step on the red flower, the opening is to your east. Follow it through to the end. There's a green bush and a purple flower along the way. Don't be tempted by them. Follow the path to the end where it takes you out of the maze.

    Then, go to the orange flower. You'll get a message that the orange path is opened. Walk east and then south to find the opening.


    Thanks. Working on Hero of Lukomorye V.

  • Water-based spell = “drool” of corse. Thanks Cat.

  • ok, im really struggling with the damn zoo!

    Did the red flower, and followed the path through to the end
    stepped on the orange flower, path opens up north east, follow it through, find noor, and exit south east, when I step out it says and what comes next?, well, yellow comes next, step on the yellow flower and I get bong! remember the rainbow?!?!?!? and teleports me back to the bottom of the zoo

    Having said that, the order of the colours is wrong, should it not be red orange yellow green blue indigo violet, where as you have it as red orange yellow blue green indigo violet.

    As a child I was taught the following to remember the order of colours, Richard of York gained battle in vain, first letter of each word is the colour... (Richard of York was a British lord in olden times)

  • Yes, that's the correct order---somehow there was confusion in communication between Old Shaman and me (who knows nothing about rainbows). It's coded so that when you leave the yellow path, the green one should be next.

    Thanks for the enlightenment. This will be fixed in a future update. The code is right--the instructions are not.

    It should be as you say--red, orange, yellow, green blue indigo violet.

    I'll make a new thread meanwhile to highlight that.

  • that clears up the order, but still stuck on the orange flower, do orange flower, step on yellow and says bong remember the order....
  • It isn't readily apparent but this is the first half of the maze. If I follow the red path and avoid stepping anywhere on the path, the orange opens, same for orange, the yellow opens. You move to the green path from within the maze.

    That and the other remaining colors aren't in the diagram, but if anyone needs them, let me know. Diagram is a bit cluttered.

    I tested this and it works fine.

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