Home of the ice jinns help needed

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I can’t find a way to open the 2 doors on right and left when you get to the final room. Sign refers to snowflakes which I assume is related to the weapon I pick up in an earlier room but can’t work out how to use. Totally stuck!


  • Touch some torch nearby...

  • I’m stuck at the gate to the final room that says Pfft! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Are you in the Home of the Ice Jinns? I don't see any gate there that says Pfft.

    There are two gates there. One needs the Frigid Key. The other needs the Cold Key. The Frigid Key is on a shelf. The Cold Key is on a candle.

  • Sorry in Water Jinn’s Palace

  • Drop down the two holes in the south of that room and then tap the gate again.

  • Still not working. Tried left/right then also right/left. Still getting Pfft’d.

  • That is, indeed, a bug and will be fixed in the next update. Thank you!

  • Thanks Cat

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