orb key pieces

In deaths dominion, cannot find orb piece. Got 2, hell spider and i think devil dragon's . Looks like 3d orb piece will open rescue lotti, free servants, persuade servant who i got a key from, help prince..., make a deal, and maybe kill malin (which i suspect i should not do). Wish i knew what i missed. Got soul reversal wand, deadly nightshade, death cap, no apparent help. Suggestions please, including the great one, o Cat ???


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    Mother Maab says, " He (Merlin) said he sent one piece to be guarded by the Hell Spider. One is protected by the Dark Druid. And the last would be in the care of the Devil Dragon."

    Try candle outside the gate to where the Dark Druid is in Dark Druid's Laboratory. You get there from the Tunnel of Lost Souls.

    There is no orb piece in Death's Dominion.

    There are books in the game you can buy from a librarian that will guide you on doing some of the major quests.

    Otherwise, if you need help, ask here and the great O'Cat will try to help. : )

  • Thanks Cat, i really do try , often for days, before i ask for help. Will look into books too. With appreciation.

  • You are always welcome to,ask for help. :)

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