stuck in limestone caves

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as the title says, i can recall out but rather not, was doing the help move treasure quest, ive pressed the hidden switch, any tips


  • There are a lot of secret switches in the Limestone Caves. When you were doing the help move treasure quest and you pressed a hidden switch a wall moves. There is also a ladder there where you can climb up.

    If you climbed up the ladder and forgot to trigger the switch where you found the treasure, step on a rock in the southwest of that area where you are and you'll fall back down. Trigger that switch and climb back up the ladder. You should have removed a wall. There are four secret switches altogether in the Limestone Caves.

  • i cant find a switch near where i found the treasure, there is a switch at the top of the ladder, thats the only one i can find, ive stepped on the rock, fallen down, cant find a switch so just climb back up....
  • Sorry, Imran. I see now where you are and it's right now a dead end. Added a breakable wall that should show up as red but might still be gray for your memory file. Should be fixed in the next update. Thanks so much.

  • so i should recall out for the time being?
  • Yes. It shouldn't be long. Mark so you can recall back if necessary.

  • I'm also stuck in this area. I've now found at least three buttons, but at least for the last two, when it says: "a new path has opened up" I can't see any change or find any new path options.

    I have already removed a red wall.

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    See if this helps. If it doesn't, let me know. There is one crackable wall.

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