Basilisk’s Eye Bug

Just in case it hadn’t been reported it looks like you can walk over the sea over by Himadra Mountains.


  • Thanks a lot! I found that spot.

  • I don't know whether this would count as a bug, but I was able to collect the Sky Berries long before I ever got the quest for them or the Empty Chest to collect them in. The quest still cleared fine, though I still have the Empty Chest in my inventory.

    I'm pretty sure something weird also happened with the Scorpion Milk quest. I can't be 100% sure, but I think it completed before I ever got the Scorpion Milk. Eg I got the quest, and right after I was able to complete it. I currently have two Scorpion Milk potions in my inventory and the quest is cleared, but I have a feeling I got them afterwards.

    I was able to do the Cook's Chicken quest with a bought chicken from the Inn, so I never ended up catching the actual chicken.

    However I stole a Roc Egg when breaking into a place, and that egg did not satisfy Cat ;)

  • For many of the quests, the items can be bought in a shop, although they appear rarely. I did that on purpose to avoid having to do updates if someone accidentally lost something simple.

    That's why you might already have an item in your inventory to satisfy some quests--you bought it in a shop.

    For same reason, the empty chest isn't removed--in case you still need it.

    Cat wants only Roc Eggs from Roc's Roost Island. : ) It might have been a rotten egg? : )

  • I thought it was quite cool that the stolen egg didn't work ;)

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