Mithril Horde I FAQ

To enter the Gates of Death, see lady Sabrine in the Palace of Yuz-Second floor, and she'll ask you to bring her a Beauty Elixir. Then go and see Father Riziel. He lives in the cemetery of the TikTiks. He'll ask you to bring back Lady Miriame, and will send you down to Gates of Death. There you'll have to kill some monsters and find a pentagram to go out. With Miriame, of course. From that time, its entrance will be by Father Riziel's door.

Saviria's Eyes-There is a house in the north part of Thousand Temples what's bigger than the others. Tap its south wall. The eyes are among some skulls.

Bethlusaa's Lair--the Dragon Key is in a plume of smoke.

The Mad Woman Lyndah opens the way to Bethlusaa--talk to Lord Yuz about "The Woman".

To deliver the Puzzles Book to Kan-Laon, you need persuade over 60.

The three Golden Chests can be opened in HOLIII.


  • I took the tree Golden Chests to Pronyra in HOLIII. During the conversion I got the question about opening a quest from horde. He told me to go outside to his assistant. But there I only get "The Sphere is silent".
    Is it some other place in HOLIII where I can open these chests?

  • At the time HOLIII was ported, Mithril Horde hadn't been ported so I changed the dialogue for the sphere. Will put it back in next update so it should then work for you. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Another thing... from Horde I. Seems like a typo:
    from Trogg you get a light weapon (damage somewhere from 100 to 200) and a heavy weapon, the Trogg's Throttler. It says damage from 135-2020. Maybe that should be 135-220?

  • Thanks. That will be fixed in an update after the next one. : )

  • Any idea when the HOLIII update for the Horde chest will be released?

  • This is the same situation as waiting for Asteroids I to be uploaded to Apple and Google. I sent Elendil the files for the updates in August. He's been very busy. I just reminded him again. Can't do more than that as he does the uploading to the mobile platforms.

  • Strange: On Android, Horde I Update was released together with Asteroids I and HOL 1. But HOL 3 not yet?

  • Elendil does the updates. He has been very busy the past few months as you can see in the time it took for Asteroids to be released. He's working on them one at a time. Let's give him a chance to balance his work load. If it's not up in a week or so, I'll write him.

  • I wrote Elendil. It's still under review by Google.
  • Hello, Android Update was released and I was able to open the Horde chests. Thanks!

  • Elendil wrote me today. : )

  • Congrats Cat and many thanks for another excellent expansion! I still have one quest, to copy a map for Fershid, perhaps you can give me a hint. At North central of branching caves, there is a hole in the path I cannot cross. I have parchment and charcoal and searched for hidden switch or lever - but still stuck. Help?

  • There is a secret switch to remove that hole in the north east of the Branching Caves. A gray switch on a gray hole. : )

    Then, once you've passed the hole, there is another secret switch. : )

  • You are getting very clever at hiding those switches! I suspected it was over there somewhere, looked and looked. Well done! It was a thoroughly enjoyable expansion as always, and have a few comments.

    • I like using a lower level character. My high level super hero kinda takes the fun out of things. I find that gold still seems too easy to come by however, and budgeting never seems to be an issue. In the original game, I remember picking rows of flowers to generate cash. Haven’t done that for a while. A difficult balance for the game designer.
    • The “credits” were triggered too soon, and gave the impression perhaps that the game was “shorter” than usual (other thread) No so! I still had a dozen or more unfinished quests, plus several more to come when I received the credits. May I suggest to wait until later when the mapmaker quests are complete before triggering the credits?
    • The sudoku side quest was cool. I’m not a sudoku fan by any means, but liked reverting to pencil and paper to solve a puzzle. A throwback to earlier days, and a fun diversion for a non-essential quest. Perhaps another simple pen and paper side quest could be included in future?
    • I like the idea of having a separate “topic” for HD expansions vs. their older versions as witn Asteroids 1. Can be a bit confusing when hints are mixed between the older and newer versions.

    Enough typing for now. Keep up the fine work! Be smart. Be safe. Stay healthy!

  • Thank you very much. I try to make the credits available early. You can usually buy them in the bookstores because I like to give credit. : ) They should always roll after you do the main mission even though you may have a score of quests to finish.

    The gold thing is a problem but part of that is that it's necessary to give better items as quest rewards in each expansion and the ports gave a lot of gold. Will try to limit that a bit in future ports or expansions but there is so much work involved in making the port that it's hard to retune things.

    I'll try to make a separate thread for HD versions in the future but there people still get confused and I don't always know when they're asking about the classic version vs the HD version. I have very limited things written down. Most of its just in my brain.

    Those are lame excuses I know. : ) Thank you for your comments and wishes.

  • Hello there, Catacomber ☺️, just want to ask you a question to you if you don't mind, it's regarding with those 3 Golden Chests.

    Since those chests does respawns every 7 days, does that means that we can open more than 3 Golden Chests if we were to brought more than 3 of them over to HOL III, or is it just limited to just 3 chests? 😕
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    Yes, you can go into the chest selling business. : )

  • > @Catacomber said:
    > Yes, you can go into the chest selling business. : )

    Ah, sweet! 🤩😁

    Thanks for the reply as always, Catacomber! ☺️👍
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