Mithril Horde I FAQ

To enter the Gates of Death, see lady Sabrine in the Palace of Yuz-Second floor, and she'll ask you to bring her a Beauty Elixir. Then go and see Father Riziel. He lives in the cemetery of the TikTiks. He'll ask you to bring back Lady Miriame, and will send you down to Gates of Death. There you'll have to kill some monsters and find a pentagram to go out. With Miriame, of course. From that time, its entrance will be by Father Riziel's door.

Saviria's Eyes-There is a house in the north part of Thousand Temples what's bigger than the others. Tap its south wall. The eyes are among some skulls.

Bethlusaa's Lair--the Dragon Key is in a plume of smoke.

The Mad Woman Lyndah opens the way to Bethlusaa--talk to Lord Yuz about "The Woman".

To deliver the Puzzles Book to Kan-Laon, you need persuade over 60.

The three Golden Chests can be opened in HOLIII.


  • I took the tree Golden Chests to Pronyra in HOLIII. During the conversion I got the question about opening a quest from horde. He told me to go outside to his assistant. But there I only get "The Sphere is silent".
    Is it some other place in HOLIII where I can open these chests?

  • At the time HOLIII was ported, Mithril Horde hadn't been ported so I changed the dialogue for the sphere. Will put it back in next update so it should then work for you. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Another thing... from Horde I. Seems like a typo:
    from Trogg you get a light weapon (damage somewhere from 100 to 200) and a heavy weapon, the Trogg's Throttler. It says damage from 135-2020. Maybe that should be 135-220?

  • Thanks. That will be fixed in an update after the next one. : )

  • Any idea when the HOLIII update for the Horde chest will be released?

  • This is the same situation as waiting for Asteroids I to be uploaded to Apple and Google. I sent Elendil the files for the updates in August. He's been very busy. I just reminded him again. Can't do more than that as he does the uploading to the mobile platforms.

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