kill the hell spider

Hello Cat, o great one; in hell spider lair, have to "do something" to clear a column, at a complete loss. Suggestions please ?


  • There are seven levers you have to set on, then tap that column. The teleporters should take you to the rooms with the levers.

  • Hello and Thanks again, Cat; found 8 teleports, but only 5 switches. Looked all over for wall buttons, to see if they would switch, none. Still getting the : "You have to do something. How am i missing 2 switches of the 7 , please.

  • My apologies. I forgot that I changed it to hitting one of the tapestries in the northern room. That will remove that column. It's one of the tapestries in the east.

  • Thanks Cat, found it. Funny i played with tapestries, apparently didn't get that one, for some reason. With appreciation, Dan.

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