Celtic Doom FAQ

To get past the first force field in Lady Lotti's Chambers, hit it with the Pictish Knife. For the last force field, use the Scepter of Love from EWH. Ninjaofquest's quest.

Wild Pict's Tower - You got the door open but there looks like an invisible thing blocking you? There are two separate secret switches in the western area of the Tower. If you need a pic, let me know. : ) One is in an area of mushrooms in the mid west--you need to activate that one first and one is behind a red column in the southwest.

Merlin's Tower is in Home of the Green Man.

Sewell the Tailor in Skeat Village can make the knickers for Saucy Mary. You can buy Stick Tight potions in a shop there too.

Dark Druid's Orb piece - The orb piece is in the candle outside his door.

rod of Endurance - Broile River - northeast

Silver Quill - It's on the southern window of Radius Rewtemper's shop. Touch it.

For the Hell Spider you need Pedsipec's Battle Bow, which he gives you.

To get the Lady of the Lake to bless the Dragon Banger you need persuade greater than or equal to 170.

Draygon is with the fairies under the Lake of Reflection.

Bag of Swan's Eggs - One is in the Devil Dragon's Domain --- starting a the bottom left, it is in 10 squares in and 9 squares up. And you can buy them in some of the shops.

Courtyard Key - Dream Castle (outside) - extreme southwest.

Spring of Life with its Water Bubbles is in Lake of Reflection.

Catnip for Boots - to find catnip, look in Oliver's Den. Entry from the Home of the Wise Ones.
Prepare your stealth skill first.

Merlin's Protection Amulet - You can buy it in the Merchants' Ford for half a million, in Largs Castle for 700K and from Phredd for only 50K gold.

Ghosts in White Lady's Wood - They're very well hidden in grass. Just walk around till you find them all.

Crystal of Enlightened Kingship - the Water Priestess wrote, "One of my sister Water Elementals hid the crystal you seek."

The Water Elementals' world is under the sea of course, to the far north, off Harpies' Rocks, but they are protected by fierce Water Tigers.


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    And what about paroxisma illness? How can it be cured?
    UPD: I'm stupid, sorry. Found it.

  • You need yellow liquid potion, available in shops, to cure paroxisma
  • Or get Green Purification Spell in green man's area. That spell costs very little and cures status ailments plus the specialty diseases of celtic doom.
  • My brain seems unable to recall the location. Of the enclave wizards home. Assistance?
  • Go down the stairs in Shroud Islands in the far northwest.

  • Thank you. For what ever reason could not remember.
  • Cant open tge last door to the East
    Btw the key number four is of no real use as you can get to both sides of the door wihout using it
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    Is this the Enclave Wizards' Home where you are? If you are where I think, you need Key 2 for that door.

    In the ported expansions, sometimes I make things easier and there's a key but you can get through even if you don't find it. You'll see that more in HOLV.

  • Yes thats where im at..couldnt find thekey for the life of me...
    Looking forward to holv
    And... The quest 2! Any eta forboth?
  • Did you get through that dungeon then? Sent HOLV to Elendil yesterday. He hopes to get to it in a few days. Quest2 is wholly under Redshift's control. I don't want to pressure them. Anxious hands don't do happy work.

  • No didnt find the 2 key
  • Here is where Key 2 is. Because it's lying on the ground, it will respawn in 7 days.

  • going there now! thanks !

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