Fourth Dimension Key

There is a key behind a force field which I am pretty sure I need to get in order to open a gate and kill the rest of the spiders.

Elsewhere on this board it says you must need to tap the force field to remove it but that isn't working. Notr is hitting it, tapping it, disarming or unlocking it. I've looked everywhere for a button or switch to no avail and it is becoming quite frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.


  • There are three force fields in the Fourth Dimension. Not sure which one you're at. One in the north you can't remove until you do the quest for the Soulless One. The gray one in the Mideast, you need the quest to Kill the Brocken Spectre. The other wall of force has to do with finding the Farseeing Globe for Pedsipec.

    Or are you at a force field somewhere else?

    To reach one of the spiders, there are two bone doors in the Midwest. For the first bone door, you need to use the key from the Soulless One in the lock on the wall there. For the second bone door, to reach that spider, it has a lever.

  • The one I'm referring to is just south of the Souless One on the east side of the room. I can see that there is a key on the shelf and assumed it was the one I needed to get past the bone door, but from the sound of your post I was mistaken.

    I recieved the quest to kill the spiders and retrieved the wand to kill them. I killed the first couple past the iron web, but I don't have a key for the bone door. Was the Souless One supposed to give me a key?

    Also, thanks for helping.

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    It's called the Soulless One's key and it's on that shelf. If you have the quest Kill the Brocken Specter from the Fairy Detina in the Fairy Queen's Palace and hit the force field, it will disappear. I don't know why it's that quest at that location as it's a long time since I did Macha's Curse. I think it should disappear if you have the Soulless One's quest and will do an update to change that.

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