Celtic Queen FAQ

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Princess Babhona is in Kamber's Chambers behind a destructible blue wall.

The ladder is in the Fire Giants' Home.

In Kamber's Chambers, don't touch the pillars that go "Konk!" Now you have only 4 pillars you need to touch in a specific order. Facing north, do not tap the first column on your right unless you've messed up--that column resets all the columns to 0. Tap the second column up on your right. You should hear a "Ping.". Save your file and continue on. Each time you get a new ping, save your file until you've done it right.

After opening a red wall and defeating a blue Giant, in the place one of those walls sends you there is a door? Tap on it to talk to Kamber. He'll eventually go to his stronghold in Silver Bay. You'll need his amulet.

Repair Finley's Fins - you can get the Pointed Forceps in Cymbria Village. You can buy the Water Bubble from Craythorf in Cymbria Village who sells miscellaneous items. He sells glue as well.

Save the hogs - You have to kill the Deathsayer in Kamber's Castle to get the cure. He's in a room behind removable walls.

Craythorf sells the candle for the coven.

For the doomed swan, look in the Sand Spits--northern part. : )

The Spectres only appear at night.

Province of Conjurers - You need to be wearing the Conjurer's Cloak not to be considered an intruder. It can't be sold. You get the cloak from something there flashing red.

Darkenmoon Mirror - You get that from Falia the Bone Witch. She has a shop in Isle of Bones.

Smoke Dragon's Chest - Talk to Jamie in the Hall of Water Magic.

Lock of Hair for Mycia and how to kill Hokbraz: You need higher stealth to sneak a lock of hair, you'll also need higher stealth to sneak by the guard. You'll need Massacre Blade from Credne (you'll need higher strength if he doesn't give it to you).

Hok Braz is in Silver Hills but you can’t see him until you talk to One Eye.

Vivian is in the 2nd Floor of the Enclave Wizards and she can take you back to Matras if you're playing the embedded game.

Fiddler's Bow - You can find it in better weapon shops---find the Smith.

You can buy a scrubbing brush in stores that sell normal weapons, f.e., the Armorista in Cymbria Village. You also can find one on the window of Brigid’s hut in same map as the swan.

In the NE corner of Druids Circle area, the Incense of life is on a rock. Walk over it to find it.

In the Enclave, you need to find the 7 buttons on the walls, and kill 7 skeletons wandering around to get the door open.

One-Eye the pirate is in the Black Bay area behind the Dark Fortress.

There's a little island in the chasm area in the NE part of Cieftan's Way. You walk over a rock on the edge to get there. Stand on the SW corner of it and look for a small button to throw/shoot something at it. You'll also need Death Stars from King Locrinus and talk to the Oracle spider in a hole near Kamber's castle for the Eye of Fire necklace.

To get by the columns to reach the Puzzle Ball for the Vending Machine - There's a switch on a wall behind a fern-type plant in the potions shop area.

Witches' Coven is north west of Slayer Forest .

Treasure in Smoking Cave - You need to remove a fire by hitting a secret switch. The treasure is on a crack.

To get past rocks that push you back, generally Burning Hand works.

There is a breakable wall in the queen's quarters where you get the quest. Then you need to find him in the northern part of the maze there.

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