Hermione and a pipe

I have looked all over the third floor of Kozney’s Castle and cannot find Hermione. Where exactly is she?
Also, cannot locate a pipe that I need for the hunchback. Does anyone sell pipes?
Thanks for any help.


  • The pipe is on a window in Seversk. You need to fill in the east side of the level on your map to reach Hermione. You need Silvergirl's baby. Do you have the baby? Hermione is in the far southeast.

  • I’ve tapped on every window in Seversk twice and nothing comes up. Should I rest for 7 days and try again?
    Yes, I have the baby, will go back and see if the east side is filled in.
    Thank you for your help and thank you for these expansions!

  • I was never able to find the pipe in Seversk myself, but I did stumble across one someplace else; I believe it was in the Forgotton Underground.

    As for Hermione, the path that leads to her is hidden. IIRC it is revealed by talking to Argimon after you receive Silvergirl's baby.

  • Hit, not tap, the door opposite Pavel Gusich in Seversk. Thanks. : )

  • Thank you! Worked like a charm. Also, thanks to Thenedor. I talked to Argimon and the hall opened with the letters puzzle.

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