Forgotten underground. 4 Fires = 1 entrance

Can’t get through the lower level hallway where there are 4 red spheres. Sign on the wall says 4 Fires = 1 entrance.... help!


  • Sorry this is for HLIV.
  • You have to equip the Fiery Wand and hit the spheres. It's in a red pool in the northeast.

  • Moved thread to HOLIV. Answered there. : )

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    I have the fiery orb.. thought that was it, also where is thw key to the second door? I git the First in the lava pool, then git bloqued by the second...i wish the unlock spell would work more often, also lockpick...
    Also i walked through all the pools on thw lava level and the city and didnt find any fiery wand
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    Welcome to the forum! ; 0 The Fire Key and the Fiery Wand is in a red pool in the upper northeast.

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