Heart of fire

Got the ice sword, where is the fire sword? Monsters are unbeatable on fire arena?


  • The Fire Sword is in the Ice Arena. : ) It's on a shelf behind a wall on the right that can be removed by dealing with two levers on the left as you enter.

  • How to flick the lever?
  • For the lever as you face north on the west side, throw a throwing weapon. For the lever in the south, hit it with anything.

  • A throwing weapon, oh well that was obvious thanks 🐈
  • Tried throwing stars and none of them worked on this switch
  • There is another lever you have to hit first in the south.

  • I first hit leaver in South and this shows as Enabled. When I hit leaver in North afterward (with throwing star, or bow and arrow), it refuses to be enabled.
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    Make sure the lever in the north is off before you hit it. That is, up. It needs to be off and you need to turn it on.

    When you hit the lever in the south it should say, "Something happens."

    And when you hit the lever in the north it should say, "A wall crumbles."

    But if you first hit the lever in the north to turn it on and then hit the lever in the south, nothing will happen until you first turn the lever in the north off by hitting it and then hitting it again to turn it on.

  • The leaver in the North is off. First, I hit the lever in the south and this enables Ok. However afterwards when i fire an arrow or a throwing star to the lever in the North, it doesn’t turn on. It just stays permanently off.
  • It’s OK! Saw another post and now sorted it. Thank you for your help
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