Meet Baba Yaga

Hi Cat and others
Cant pass over the hole inside Baba Yaga's home... the mole in the garden told me about an unordinary scroll that I dont find anywhere ! Also is ambiguous the text of that quest : courtyard downstairs ?


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    If I remember correctly, hit a window or door, at night, in seversk centre and you will get the scroll. But you don't do anything with the scroll, go back to Baba yagas home and you get a message saying you have used the scroll

  • It is the window outside Yaga's house (left side when you look to the map). Tap.

  • Got it! Many Thanks !
  • So embarrassed... Cannot get out of the courtyard. I stashed a bunch of stuff from the last game. Was there a key or a letter or something?
  • I found it. Imperial key! 😖
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