Wheel of Time Quest

Two questions regarding Wheel of Time quest.
1. I put Merlin to sleep before obtaining key to wheel of time. Can I still complete this quest?
2. I am at final bone gate before Queen Habren's door. Where is key to unlock this gate?


  • Yes. It's independent of Merlin. You need Habren's Keys dropped by one of Merlin's Watchers in Habren's Tower Halls, behind crackable walls. Lots of them. : )

  • I now have Habren's Keys in my inventory, however, I still cannot unlock the final bone gate in front of Queen Habren's door. When I click on the bone gate, I get the Pick/Cancel box. I assume that is her door, just a couple spaces past the bone gate at the end of Habren's Chambers.

  • Found it in Cursed Dungeon. I didn't realize that Habren's Keys and Habren's Chamber Key were two different items.

  • Cant find the way to open wheel of time.. i already buy from phredd habren keys and habren chamber keys, anyway where is cursed dungeon? And where is orb key in dark druid?
  • The Conserver of Time in Habren's Chambers will open the gate to the Wheel of Time but only after you get the Wheel of Time Key and have dealt with Merlin.

    Do you mean Cursed Cave or Cursed Forest? You get to both of these from teleporters in Habren's Tower Halls.

    To get the Orb Key piece in Dark Druid's Laboratory, you have to do a quest for the Dark Druid.

  • Where is location of dark druid exactly? I didnt yet find him
  • He's in the Dark Druid's Laboratory. You get there from the Tunnel of Lost Souls in the far Midwest. You can only enter there if you have the quest Orb Key Pieces which you seem to have. Entry is from the north there. Hit an odd-colored wall.

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