Power Flowers Quest

I am getting near the end of the game with only about halh-a-dozen quests left and when comparing the HOLIII_HD_QuestList document with my Active/Solved/Failed quest list I see that this one from Ohotin is inot in any of them. So I am wondering what triggers this particular quest? Also, how necessary is it for completing the game?



  • You need this quest: "For Efimova, Pokoygrad Center, find Pimples the assassin in the casino there. Heal him and persuade him to give up crime or kill him. You can get an ointment called Nuvia Cream from Ohotin in Fairycraft Hill. You need to be a Healer Adept to use it. You can train for that with Dr. Chekhov in Green Witch Village."

    You can buy Nuvia Cream if you're lucky so you may have solved that quest without Ohotin's help.

  • Yup, that is what happened; I think I got it at a potion seller in Hibarki village.

    I have developed the habit of checking with potion sellers, alchemists, magic shops and general merchandise sellers as soon as I find them in a new expansion and then buying anything that looks to be new or game-unique. For example, when I visited the Marketeer in the warehouse area of Cave of the Ascetics in HoL II I managed to snag several items of Cure West Krivida Virus and Cure Hades Itch. The same thing happened at the magic shop in Fairycraft Hill where I managed to get the Cast Puppy Love spellbook long before I got the quest from Pao.

  • Sometimes I make quest items that Phredd doesn't sell, sellable with a possibility of getting them as one out of ten because people lose things so often or stash them. I do the same thing you do. : )

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