Kozney's Mage

I'm currently in Castle Oborot and nothing works to fight him. I've tried all gear. Any help is appreciated.


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    You need the item Super Mantra that you get by doing a quest for Major Zlotnikov in the Floating University. "For Major Zlotnikov, Floating University, find two Death's Mantra flowers in Old Shaman's Garden." She then gives you the Super Mantra, which is an ingredient that can't be sold or used. You need that in your inventory to kill Kozney's Mage. She tells you "They say Koney is iimmortal but you might be able to assassinate Kozney's Mage. I need two Death's Mantra flowers so I can make an enchanted version that will weaken Kozney's Mage. They have to be especially enchanted to work on that monster. Death's Mantra flowers grow in Old Shaman's Dangerous Garden. You can get there from Bewitching Forest to the south. Bring me two and I'll make the enchanted version."

  • Thanks Cat it's worked ng. Kozney's Mage is taking damage.
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