Formorian pirates - Arrrrg...

I found and dispatched 2 of those nasty pirates hanging out at the Arches. First one appeared when I arrived, second one was found in the Troll tunnel, but cannot find the third pirate. Any hints?


  • He is definitely around, keep looking..

  • There's one on the surface and two below ground. As Aeon says, keep looking. : )

  • Thanks for the hints. I went below ground again, and encountered the 3rd scallywag within a short walk. I really don’t mind the occasional unmappable area, but better suited for a smaller area I think. The troll tunnels in this expansion are overwhelming. I wandered around quite a bit down there, but don’t know what % I actually explored. Not all, obviously, as I missed this pirate...

    Thanks as always to Cat and the team for another fine expansion! I have played and enjoyed them all and finished Celtic Doom at Level 67 (Derth) My favourite weapon at the moment is Cat’s Nail Scissors (!) and favourite spell, ever since Thor’s Hammer so many quests ago, is Loki Mage’s Spell.

    Looking forward to HoL4!

  • That was left unmappable only because Istara did such a great job mapping it on paper. Her map is in the discussion. Nothing like that again. :smile: Thanks.

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