Save Mymbyr

So I have the quest to save Mymbyr and am trying to get hold of wolfsbane and mirror. I have located where Mymbyr is and have wolfsbane but I can’t get witch to give me mirror in isle of bones. I have enchanted and have persuasion of 364, all my other stats are also enchanted to a high level but I can’t trigger her to give it to me. Can I have some help on this please?


  • She won't give you the mirror until you do her Nuts of Knowledge quest, 'For Falia the Bone Witch, Isle of Bones, retrieve her three Nuts of Knowledge from the Bush Crows who hide in the yellow bushes there. You'll have to do a quest for each Bush Crow.'

  • I did her quest but still no mirror. Carried on with mission. Decided to go and see Mymbyr to see how far I would get and it turns out mirror must’ve been in my inventory because I used it when I found him. Don’t recall getting it but guess she must’ve given it to me earlier. Thanks for the help. Onto the next expansion now. :)

  • Glad you were able to get through. :smile:

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