Hermit in Wiggan's Peak

Where can I find Hermit? It says that he is afraid of peaks, so hiding somewhere low, but cannot find him...hole in that area is already off all monsters. Any advice please?


  • He can be reached in two ways. One is a secret switch in a cliff wall in Wiggan's Peak. As you approach Wiggan's Peak from the south, look in the Mideast.

    Another way is by a secret switch in the Wild Pict's tower. Cross the room with the spike traps.

  • Thank you Cat. I´ve completed whole Wild Picts Tower before, but overlooked this secret switch. This was related to my last two quests in the game, so I finished all of them. Thank you very much for this wonderful expansion, which I´ve enjoyed again more than another ones before. Staying your supporter and looking forward to HOL IV! Is it close now to release?

  • It needs more testing. Some things that were possible in the Classic version, like using Ascii symbols and a tiny graphic for invisible monster animations has caused problems in the HD version and I've had to overcome that. So we still need more testing. A few more weeks if the thing I did to fix those works. Hoping it does. So far, so good.

  • I'm stuck on Wiggin's peak. Facing north, I see the edge of a building among the rocks. I have no idea how to reach this or whether this is the Wild Picts Tower. If it is not, please help me find the tower.

  • Found it. All good.
  • Please i cant reach house in the middle of the wiggins peak? Cant find the switch on the wall.. i already touch all the wall is that wild pict tower?
  • You need to tap a secret switch. That is the Wild Pict's Tower.

  • Thnx so much.. one more pls.. how can i cure lugarou?
  • You need the potion Werewolf's Kiss which you can buy from better potion shops.

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