Deer park key

Apparently unlike most people here, I’m unable to find the deer park key. I’ve read the book suggesting I get a key from witches in that portion if the map, but I’m unable to find them in the small area outside the park that I’m able to access. Help appreciated!


  • There are two gates there--one is the outer gate and you get that key from Lady Alderley in Alderley Castle. The witches are inside the first part of the deer park. They give you the key to the inner part. I don't think you've opened the first gate. See Lady Alderley.

  • Thank you for the quick response! It turns out I caused the problem when, in decluttering my inventory, i accidentally put the key on a permanent storage shelf. Sorry for the trouble.

  • No trouble. It happens all the time, which is why my personal inventory is so cluttered. ^^

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