Last Door in Death’s Sanctuary

I suppose I need a key for that door, but have no idea where I might obtain one. What am I missing?


  • You mean Death's Dominion? You need Death's Skullcap, Death's Chest Warmer, Death's Knickers, and Death's Repulse which is a shield. I could better help you if you tell me what of those you don't have. :smile: You can find them in Death's Repose. My guess is you might not have Death's Knickers. You have to drop down a hole. It's random whether that hole is visible or not depending on when you step next to it.

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    Of those four items, I am only missing the chest warmer. Probably because I can’t open 2 doors in Death’s Repose. I can’t pick them and the message say I don’t have the right key. I have looked everywhere I can get to with no luck. I have attached a screenshot to show you where I am. ...I tried to attach a file but it said I’m not allowed in this area.
  • Never mind. I found the solution in one of the older posts.
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