Where can I find iron? I let the dragon in Credne’s forge make some items for me and now I can’t find enough iron for Credne’s assistant to make the fencing sword.


  • Ironstone Mines. That area is important for some quests, so you should be there already or supposed to go there anyway. B)

  • I have been there. There is no more iron in the mines.
  • Becanna the Jeweler sells Iron. There's also Iron on the ground in the Midwest of the mines. It will respawn every seven days. : )

  • Where can I find Becanna? Also, where can I find a deathcap mushroom?
  • Also was desperately trying to find a Deathcap. I'm sure that is being sold in one of the shops (just one, but unfortunately do not remember which one). Also I remember that one was laying on the ground near Habren halls. Sorry for not being specific. I was so happy that I found it that was just hurrying to use it.

  • I meant Becanna the Tailor, sorry. She also sells gems. She's in the Village of Sarties.

    Herbe the Herbalist sells Deathcap Mushrooms. He's also in the Village of Sarties. You might have to camp out to get it.

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