Troll holes, young knight, and room at Rath Krogan.

I am trying to finish some quests in Macha's curse, I can't seem to figure out how to get past the red gate that you find down a ladder in Troll holes. I already found the keyhole and did the quest with the prisoners. I also can't figure out how to get past the green/blue gate in the Fairy queen's castle. I'm assuming that is where the kid is that I'm supposed to save. My final question is how on earth do you get through the door with the hint ach ach ach?


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    In the Troll Holes, you need the Stone Troll's Key. He keeps it in his stomach.

    For the door in the Fairy Queen's castle, you need the Workshop Key. And that is where the kid is. If you talk to the fairy Detina there in that level, you should get the key. You need the quest to rescue him and Persuasion of at least 100.

    For the door, ach, ach, ach, use the Unlock spell. : )

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    Nevermind the troll holes I had to have a higher persuasion to get the guy to give me the key to the gate I was talking about. The door I was talking about is in Rath Krogan the castle where the queen is. The hint says I need a spell and it says ach ach ach. Also, thanks for the really fast response.
  • The unlock spell doesn't seem to be working, I tried casting it on the door.
  • You also need the quest Lost Crown: For Lord Breffny, Castle Breffny, steal back the Stone Crown that was taken by a mercenary of Queen Maeve's.

  • I only have the "Memorial for Ferdia" and "Lost Crown" quests left. Any hint where I can find the Troll Holes and how to go about finding the Stone Crown?
  • Ok... Found the crown but no luck with the location of the Troll....
  • The Troll Holes? You enter from a stone statue of a Troll in the midnorth of Red Branch Knights. Or did you mean something else?

  • Yes, that did it. Totally missed this the entire game.
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