Dream Castle "skull"

In Dream Castle's ground floor, on the north-east side of the hall, there is a wall with a candelabrum in front of it. However, if you hit the wall, a message pops up saying "The empty eye sockets of the skull mock you". I've completed the Lady Lotti quest so I'm guessing this is not essential, but is it a glitch or anything at all?


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    Try tapping the wall. : )

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    That’s what happens if I tap, too

  • Then you tapped it before and if your Persuade could increase, it did a bit. After that, it just gives that message.

  • Yes thats right, same at me.

  • Oh I see. My persuade is already high so I’m guessing I couldn’t get the boost to begin with.

  • How do you go past the force field on the second floor
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    You need the Orb Key. To get that, you need three pieces. Hell Spider in Dun of Shadows drops one piece. Dark Druid has a piece of Orb key. And the last piece is in the care of the Devil Dragon.See the Quest Orb key pieces: "For Mother Maab, Strongbow Wood, bring her three pieces of Orb Key and she’ll make Merlin’s Orb Key for you."

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