Habren's Chambers

I have cleared Sgaile Castle but can't find Habren. I do know I have two areas I can't get to: one is the gate near the gate to the Wheel of Time – I'm guessing Habren is past that gate? But also on the lower level of Sgaile, there's that pillar that if I touch it I will lose health, if I hit it nothing happens. I did read the wall note on "the pillar..." and tried all the combinations of levers nearby I could think of but nothing seems to lower the pillars near what seems (based on the map) like a teleport with a note on the wall next to it. Help?


  • She's not beyond the gate beyond the Wheel of Time until you send her there. Not at my computer right now but will put up a pic later.

  • Here is how to get to Habren's Chambers---

  • I’m sorry to be dense but I’ve tried all possible combinations of switches and can’t still see the pillar move with any one of them. I’m obviously missing something. Could you describe how to do it exactly? I’m guessing the key to habren’s door is behind the pillar?

  • You have to tap the pillar after you set the switches. As you enter that area, first the switches up as you started to use them, then turn on the first switch on the right and the first on the left. Others should be off then tap the pillar.

  • That helped—thanks!

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