Where is the sword of sweet revenge?

I know that it is in blood mail fortress but I can't find it. Is it possible to sell the sword? If it is I think I sold it.


  • It's on a shelf behind a locked gate in the southeast. Have you been able to open that gate? It can also be bought from Alvin the Smith but you might have to camp out a bit for it to show up in his inventory.

  • I have been behind the locked gate. I think I sold the weapon o whelp
  • You can buy it from Alvin the Smith.

  • Hello, Catacomber !
    Were i can find Alvin the Smith ? i was in village and other settlemets but no Alvin the Smith (iam talking about Thor's hammer). But, i found man near arena of fire (or smth like this, who sold me whose sword of sweet revenge)

  • Alvin the Smith is in the north of the Village of Humbria.

  • Thanks, already found, First i found smithy inside village, and then - in the north.

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