Thor's Hammer - WestNam Tom's Potion Help

The intention of this post is to help people who may be going through some frustration fighting through the entire expansion (for Me anyway) without having a cure for certain diseases or rarely finding them in shops such as the berserker's curse cure I found it only one time on a potion vendor even tried multiple reloads easily 50+ with no results

So without further adeu let's cut to it, from my research and through trial and error here's what I've found

Always be on the lookout for potions/books on the ground
I noticed in this expansion there are alot of potions and spellbooks/skillbooks laying about, don't be so quick to pass them up if you keep looking you may find an alchemy skill book that gives +3 alchemy, ALWAYS and I can't stress this enough always read the books you pick up, never know what gem of information you may find, the book I'm speaking of (can't recall the exact name of it as I sold it after taking notes) tells you how to produce the berserker's curse cure which can be a huge advantage as the curse greatly impacts not only your damage but your enchanting capabilities , the properties you need to look for to produce this potion are as follows

1x resist berserker's curse (can be found in various herbal shops , you can also find them north of castle humbria in lake tyralon , look for the green brick building,vendors name is rodella, she sells 10x herbs for 100 gold)
1x resist diseases
1x fortify endurance

Combine any 3 of these herbs with these properties and you will have your cure for the Berserker's curse

Trembling cure - this is a tough one, I haven't found a way to produce a cure for this yet myself yet, but I have found that you can find them (rarely) as random potion spawns on the ground, so again as explained above, if you see a potion laying on the ground go pick it up , You might just get lucky

Cure wyrrms disease - this one is pretty easy to find and usually in large quantities , I've found the best place to find them are just outside Lord Stonely's castle, the little alchemy shop next to the giant that takes you across the water, and in Beadwell.

The Cunning Woman in the courtyard outside Stonely Castle in Stone Snout will cure you of Trembling for a price.

This is all I have for now and hopefully will help some people out, again if this kind of information isn't to be posted for this expansion remove it ofcourse , thanks.

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