Arena of Ice

How do i kill snow Ball in Arena of ice?


  • You should have a proper sword (from fire) I believe.

  • Yes but in the arena of fire there are the bats that block my way so I can't find that sword. I suppose the sword to kill those bats is in the arena of ice. What should I do?

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    The bat blocking you from getting the Heart of ice sword has high melee so up your own. Enchant anything you can with fortify melee and drink any potions that fortify melee. Mark there and recall to safety until you can kill it.

  • Thanx a lot

  • I have this damage but still can t kill them

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    We're talking about two different bats. The one guarding the Heart of Ice sword should be killable. The ones you're talking about require the Heart of Fire sword.

    This might help.

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    It's probably easier to get the Heart of Fire sword first.

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