Stuck in Sonera

How do I fix the shuttle? Love this expansion!


  • You need a Screwdriver (can be bought from anyone who sells miscellaneous items) and two Kegon batteries.

  • I have the one battery from the main room in Sonera where the inn is. I’m guessing the other battery is behind the 16-20 door. Unfortunately my lockpick isn’t high enough to get in there. Do I need to revert to old save and train up before going to Sonera or am I missing something? Thanks!
  • Ok I increased lockpick with amulet and clearedthe 16-20 area. Still can’t find second battery. Any help/hint appreciated! Thanks!
  • It's a long time since we did Attack from Asteroids. I'll look around but you might find it sooner than I can.

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