Permanent Storage

Where are all the locations for permanent storage in Thor's Hammer? I have done something with my Cloak of Illusion. I either left it on one of the storage shelves, dropped it or sold it. Can I buy it from somewhere? TIA


  • There are seven shelves with permanent storage that I am aware of.

    One is the yellow/golden shelf in Old Shaman's room in Lord Stonely's castle. (Catacomber mentioned this in an old thread in the Redshift forums.)

    Two others are in the Ald Lake section. One is next to the bath entrance (the bath attendant says it has permanent storage). The second is in a structure in the NW corner (there was a sign stating that the shelf had permanent storage).

    Two others are in the ice caves in Jotunhein, do not recall exactly where. (Again, there was a sign stating that they had permanent storage.)

    Finally, there are two shelves in a locked room in Lord Stonely's castle. I think you only get the key after completing a certain quest (Catacomber would know for certain.)

    As for the Cloak of Illusion, I am afraid I cannot help you. I do know that some items are unsellable and I would guess that this means that they are non-losable if left laying around somewhere; again, Catacomber would know for certain. I do not remember if the Cloak of Illusio is essential, but if it is you can probably purchase another one from Phredd (for an exorbitant price).

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, Thenedor. : ) The Cloak of Illusion can't be sold. Phredd doesn't sell it.

  • Thanks, I have some hunting to do, for the defender shield also. That is not in my inventory either. I may have to start this expansion again.
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