Coal pits

Hello, long time no seen. I‘m playing under extreme conditions, as my son enjoys playing The Quest too - unfortunately with my character and without the needed language skills (are you interested in a German translation?).
So often I find myself stuck somewhere he has given up. This time in the coal pits, where the canary bird screams „throw, throw, squawwwk“. I have thrown several things, but nothing happens. Do I need a special item?


  • Thanks for the offer, Dragonfly, but Redshift doesn't want to go into translating the expansions, at least not now. The code isn't Elendil and to do any translations would probably be very difficult from what I understand.

    There's a secret switch across the gap there, throw any throwing weapon.

  • It will be good training for him then :)
    I did throw something, but nothing happens. Well, I guess sonny has thrown something already... changes code of the iPad

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