Three last quest (Kill Kamber, Visibility spell, Ghost Madden)

I'm totally lost now (Android version), have these last three quests and can't go further.

Visibility spell quest: I've the key to Province of conjurers, when I enter it I'm in bigger room but next step with the message (Some forces sends electric shocks through your body and you pass out. The entrance is trapped.) sends me to another room on the west side. I killled everything what was possible, opened all the doors (and found a switch which does nothing) and finally I found there a Conjurer's cloak (behind few spikes traps). Behind one traps there is a column which blocks the way - next to it is some mage, I though that the found switch in the west north removes this column but not. Then I though that the conjurer's cloak (I tried to wear it) helps me to get through the first trap (with the message (...the entrance is trapped) but again not, so I'm not able to get anywhere there now.

Kill Kamber, Ghost Madden - I think that I can't probably satisfy these quests because I've the same problem like few other players here -> Wizards Enclave. I found there all switches and killed all skeletons but the counter at entrance doesn't work and can't get to next doors. I helped Malin, he's already there but can't get the quest to rescue Mymbyr (I think I must pass the door here). So, is there any solution to pass this doors?

I think I finished the Kambers' fortress (he left to his stronghold) and have the key from stronghold where I'm stucked at some door which can't be opened (I need then the amulet from Mymbyr?)

by the way, great expansion :)


  • Thank you. : )

    For the Wizard's Enclave, I did an update awhile ago so that Phredd could help you. Go see him and talk to him "About a door".

    About Kamber's fortress--you can only open one of those doors. If you got Kamber's Amulet and killed Kamber, you can't also kill Merlin. So you can't enter the other door.

    About the Province of Conjurers. The switch in the far northwest where the prisoners are removes that column. If you used that switch and the column is still there, you have a glitch and would have to use an earlier save file.

    The Wizard's Cloak allows you to talk to the Conjurer and get his quest to bring him some special stones-tetragons. I don't know where you are when you get the message, "the entrance is trapped".

  • Phredd works! yeee, can go further :) But the problem in Province of conjurers still exist, the switch doesn't remove the column...

    The message "Some forces sends electric shocks through your body and you pass out. The entrance is trapped" appears right one step after you enter the Province of conjurers

  • You can't avoid being transported to the jail area in the Province of Conjurers when you enter it.

    I think your problem with the switch and column is that you don't have the quest Rescue Merlin--For Vivian, Enclave of Wizards, rescue Merlin from captivity in the Province of Conjurers, Mire of Ghasts. You get the key to their fortress by doing a quest for the giant Fomoire in the Dyffey Bay. Merlin can be found in one of his shape-shifting forms. You'll need the Conjurer's Spell to open his gate. See the Conjurer there.

    You can't remove the column with that switch unless you have that quest.

  • ye, that was exactly the problem, after I opened the gate in Wizard Enclave and got other quests everything started to work correctly, anyway, thanks for help! Phredd was the key for everything :)

    I've finished all the quests currently and started HOLIII...

  • I'm glad you got through. : )

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