Macha's Curse - Runestones

Hiya! :-)
I’m having an issue with Runestone puzzle in Clandeboy Tower. I collected runes, made three attempts on the right side two plates with the paragraph of text appearing for those two, moved to other plates with bong and attempted different sequences each time, but now I’m only getting ‘bong’ on right side plates and runestones nowhere to found... any ideas? I did not drop or sell stones anywhere and did not move to another room until puzzle stopped working. Thank you for all the work you do and for these wonderful games! Cheers!


  • The secret to the Rune Stone Puzzle is to step on the southeastern one first with a Rune stone in your inventory, then step on the southwestern one next with a Rune stone in your inventory and then talk to Moira. I put in extra Rune stones just in case. None of the other plates will ever register Bing. They do however, reset the southernmost plates to 0 so you'd have to do the two step correctly on the southern plates again. The southern plates are the only two that take runestones when you've stepped on them correctly.

    If you camp out at any shop that sells miscellaneous items you can eventually buy more Rune stones if you need them.

  • I love you! Thank you. You work so hard at making this world a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we are all so very grateful for your time and efforts. Cheers!

  • Cheers! ^^ Thank you.

  • I have run into the same problem. (Pity I did not see this thread first.) Any hints/suggestions as to which ones' occasionally have Runestones? (I have found several that sometimes have Gold, Silver, Sugared Almonds, or Leather, as well as an alchemist that sometimes has Sea Foam, but I have yet to find anyone with Runestones.)

    If worst comes to worst I can load a save from before my first visit to Clandeboy Tower, but that was about 60 game-days ago. (I have already done a fair amount of camping/sleeping to try and get certain gems from gem merchants hence the large amount of time spent in-game.)

    Thank you.

  • They have a one out of ten chance of appearing so you have to camp out outside the door or sleep in an inn until their inventory changes. They all have the same chance of appearing. They won't appear in gem sellers' shops as they aren't really gems. Try Ryndwheaze the Innkeeper in Tulsk Village. Also Bibiana the Bold's Inn there.

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