Rescuing princess B

Hello all excellent fellow players. Happy almost new year. I am mighty stuck in Kamber's Chambers trying to free the princess for the giant in Dyffee Bay. I've killed all the blue giants and Stark, and yet the princess just repeats that she is a captive and the giant in Dyffee bay just repeats that I need to kill Stark and get the princess to pass on the Mantle of Moist Being (omg that name). I have reunited the young princes in the Enclave of Wizards and told their dad about it, freed others in the castle, solved love enchantment problems with cupcakes, cleared every door and false wall in Kamber's Castle as far as I know, gotten Habren's doll for Morrigan's tears, spoken to Kamber, tried to follow him to his stronghold (still lack the amulet). I have gone to an earlier save file to see if I missed anything and no change. Any advice? I have plenty of screen shots if needed. Cheers.


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    :smile: You need the scroll Love's Binding Spell. The giant in Dyffey Bay gave you that scroll. Did you stash it somewhere? It can't be sold and it can't be used.

  • Oh gosh! I put it away on my scroll cubby in my order of the sword home base. (Btw-that is just the most perfect home. Everything has its own shelf and free food!) So, yes, now the game has been completed. Thank you! Another lovely installment. Level 57 and counting. Happily awaiting HOL4, which I understand is next. Cheers!
  • Right after Celtic Doom. :smiley:

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