Dreamweavers & Dragon Cook

Hi Cat, I just finished the major quests and as always, I thoroughly enjoyed this expansion. Agree with others, “Celtic Queen” is one of the best and will be a tough act to follow...

I still have 2 side quests to remove from the list before I start on HOL3...

I can’t find the Dreamweavers under the Island of the Triple Goddess. There is a disabled teleport SE corner of Land of Endless Time, but not sure if this is the right path and haven’t found a way to activate it.

Also, cannot find the Home of the Tunnel Dragons in Silver Hills. I have located 2 mine entrances (tree & hole in rock) and the wolves den, but no sign of dragons.

You help always appreciated!


  • To reach the Dreamweaver, step on the bubble three steps east of the teleporter on the Isle of the Triple Goddess.

    The Dreamweaver is there in the Underground Cavern in the northeast.

    The entrance to the Tunnel Dragons' Home is from a hole in Silver Hills. It's in the middle of that area to the east of the stream.

  • I visited the underground cavern previously, but did not explore it fully, otherwise I would have found the dreamweaver. Lesson learned! Also, walked by the cleverly concealed entrance to the dragons home several times, and did not notice it. Thanks for your help!

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