Nice Game Finished it with a twist

Well I finished this game last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it I would like to think Liz, Cat, et al. For some reason this one resonated with me more than some of the previous ones. I tried something a little different to make it more challenging, and only played and used items that I found in the kiosks and on the floor and barrels. Though I allowed myself to buy unique items at the stores, as they sometimes were uniaue wnd needed. But I did not allow myself to buy any of the great armor, weapons, potions etc. It made it more challenging especially the beginning when I was getting poisoned and did not have a cure poison potion. Fortunately it doesn’t hurt you so much but it was frustrating in a good way. Also most of the game I had some type of condition on me that I couldn’t fix for various reasons. Not having access to potions was probably the most painful limitation that I put up on myself. Thanks again and I look forward to your next project!


  • We're so glad you enjoyed it. Next projects are Celtic Doom and HOLIV but also a new expansion we're very excited about--takes place in an exotic place. Working on the graphics for that while testing Doom. That's an interesting way of playing through. I can't try it when testing but when I some day get the leisure to play for relaxation, I will try that.

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