Pink eye disease

Does anybody know how to cure pink eye disease? I've finished HOLII but can't find the cure, thanks


  • Are you playing the classic version or the new version?

  • Did an update so that Orc Light Lager Ale now cures Pink Eye and is sellable. Eradicter will sell it. Also one of the Marketeers will sell it.

  • I'm playing on Android device so probably new version...anyway thanks! I will try it

  • You have to wait for the update. : )

  • ye, I have to, I found two potions in my inventory and they didn't work...anyway I've almost finished Macha's curse with this disease so it doesn't block me to much :)

  • and almost finished celtic's queen with it :) but finally I got the update and I'm cured! :) thanks

  • Isn't there a globe in the lair of the mushrooms (paraphrasing here) that cures the illnesses of HOL2?

  • All I could find is a cure Cripple.

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