Kamber's Stronghold

I'm having a problem in Kamber's Stronghold. I finished it once and chose to side with Queen Habren, and everything was fine. Then I loaded an earlier save because I wanted to try to defeat Merlin. I got Merlin's Amulet from Mymbyr and went to the stronghold, knocked out the general and killed the guards, but now I can't open the door to go further in. It keeps saying "You can't see any method of opening this door". Am I missing something?

Also, when I finished the quest the first time, I was disappointed that there was no epilogue. Is there something else I have to do to see one or is there no epilogue for this expansion?


  • Uggghhh. Nevermind. I found the other door. I could have sworn I tried that before and it didn't work lol.

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