Help raise the dead

Just found out, that I haven' t got this quest (when checking Quest list from Cat). Master Warlock is not in his crypt and Boq witch just keeps saying Talk to my assistant...How to get this quest Active?


  • You might have killed him in which case you can't get this quest. When you greet him, he says, "I am Valgares, Master Warlock of the Hellabores Warlocks. Welcome, adventurer. Your arrival is timely. We were just discussing how to gain a great fortune for our coven. We plan to resurrect Lord John Sheets from the dead. He had many treasures, possibly three. We plan to torment him with demons until he tells us where we can find them. Will you help us? For a share, of course."

    If you decline, he become aggressive and you fight. You can't get the quest. Your other choices were to lie that you were interested or agree to do it. In either of those cases, you would get the quest. I think you were virtuous and decided to kill him. You'd fail the quest in any case because we can't have Sheets being resurrected when we want to send him to his eternal rest to join his wife. This could have been a real choice but didn't want to give an evil end in this story.

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    Ooook, that makes sense. I do not recall this scene completely, but probably I' ve killed him as you describe...

  • If you have an earlier save file, you can go back and redo. But that quest will be failed so if you don't like failed quests in your quest list, you made the right choice.

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