Emain Macha and Troll Holes

I've recently started playing the HD version of The Quest on iPhone. Amazingly fun game, by the way! I just finished all but one of the quests in Macha's Curse and I have a few questions.

Firstly, I can't seem to complete the free the prisoners quest that you get from Trollda. I've gotten the key from the green candle in the room with Troilus Trolltoes, as the note in front of the Cupboard instructs. It still says that the door is locked and I don't have the right key though.

Second, I can't find a way to get through the red door in the room where Troilus Trolltoes is.

Third, in Fort Emain Macha there are two areas that I can't figure out how to access. The most obvious one is the library, I can't find a key anywhere. The other one is that there seems to be a path (and enemies) behind a column just to the west of the fort entrance. Is there any way to remove that column or get to that area?

Thanks for your help and for making such great games.


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