Merlin Rescue Gone Awry...

So, I'm playing the Android version, and am at one of my last quests for Celtic Queen, namely Rescue Merlin. I have obtained the conjurer's spell. I am in the room of summoning, and have defeated Carman, the witch that was there. Ahead of me are a series of gates (the spiked ones that look like teeth). But I can't get passed the first one as it is locked, and says it needs a key to open. As per the FAQ, I have tried to cast the conjurer's spell on it, but even though the spell is successful, nothing happens. This leads me to believe that there is a key I am missing somewhere, but I have explored everywhere accessible (including the sewers and the medicine man's place) and can't find it. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Also, just a general note, but in all the expansions I've played where you've used it, you've misspelled the Klingon phrase as Quapla when it should be Qapla' (with the apostrophe at the end). As a Trekkie, I love all the Star Trek references you've included!


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    If you play dice correctly with the Master of Souls, he'll open that first gate for you. It's better to save however before you talk to him as he can hurt you.

    It's easier to go through the grate there and find the bones in the Midwest that can give you the Master key that will open that gate. : )

    Argimon is the one who designed his dungeons to use the phrase Quapla, perhaps to avoid being criticized for using the real Klingon phrase. Being a cat, I know nothing about Klingon. : ) I didn't know about it when Argimon used it so could not have asked him why he spelled it that way. I've watched and loved many of the Star Trek episodes but can't say I was ever fluid in Klingon.

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