Mithril Horde I - KGold's Guide to Find the Sword Shaharazad

This is my guide to find the Sword Sharahazad in 10 steps.

  1. Get the quest from Lord Yuz in his castle under "Anything else".

  2. See Flitzgrobber Earhardt in the Thatunka, and he'll give you the quest "Bring Flitzgrober a dragon's dragon's egg".

  3. Visit Lyndah in the Home of the Mad Woman, and bring her the Mechanical Heart from Flitzgrobber's warehouse. (see Michele's guides for help)

  4. Teleport to Bethlusaa's Lair, kill its slaves, and enter the other teleporter there. After it, you'll have to meet Durgis the Dervish, who gives you the quest "Bring a locket"

  5. Go to Kupaqi and find Deathrie there, and give her the token. She'll give you a locket. Bring it back to Durgis, and he'll give you the Dragon Tongue ability.

  6. With your ability you'll be able to speak to the Dragon Captain, who'll open you a secret wall. Behind it there's the dragon's egg.

  7. Bring it to Flitzgrobber who'll make the flying machine work. Enter it and travel to Floating Islands of Dryst.

  8. There, kill some lacertas, go along the corridor until you come to a ditch tothe left. Hit the button on the wall through the ditch with an arrow, not with a spell. Near it, find a plate on the floor hidden by some bushes. Step on it, then teleport away with the telporter nearby.

  9. You'll arrive to a place full of lava. Follow the lava river to the right, and tap a yellow bush there. Turn left, step one forward, and you'll come to another button. Press it. After this, the brigde must be complete. Go over the bridge to another teleporter.

  10. You'll arrive to a forest-like place. Cross it with killing the monsters, including the Guardian of The Tomb. You'll find two coffins at the end of that forest. In front of them, there lies the sword Sharahazad you were looking for. Bring it back to Lord Yuz for your reward.

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