Sheets and Missing Treasure

I am stuck. I have “Save Caerworn Castle “ and “Stone Folio” left. I have the translated folio and Joggy Nog, although I have already given the joggy nog. The old shaman just tells me to go to Sheets, and Sheets just says”Do not be afaid of passing...”.

Did I miss something? I can’t clear these quests.


  • If you gave Sheets the Joggy Nog, he should have said: "Hmmm. 'World of Dark Demons'. Give me that potion. Glug, glug, glug. Pfah. Something is unfogging in my brain. I remember the World of Dark Demons. It was a tower. There was a teleporter from Devil's Bridge. Someone gave me an Amulet of Protection. I left a clue there. That's all I can tell you. Take the Amulet of Protection and go there. Look around. Perhaps you'll find the means to find the real folio that tells where I hid my treasure. God's bones, it's set in stone. The real folio is a Stone Folio. I left a hint how to find it in the Tower of Dark Demons. Find that hint. It's a scroll with a code."

    So you have a lot to do before you can Save Caerworn Castle, you have to find his Code Scroll that's hidden in the Tower of Dark Demons and then the Stone Folio that is hidden somewhere else. The Stone Folio is the key to saving Caerworn Castle.

    You can buy some short guides from Liz the Librarian but I think you need to start in the Tower of Dark Demons and find the Code Scroll.

  • I found the code scroll already. That quest is solved. Should I have an inventory item that says “Stone Folio”? Maybe I missed that somewhere in the tower.
  • The Stone Folio is not in the tower. When you take the Code Scroll back to Sheets he says "You found my Code Scroll? Admirable. Let's see what I wrote. Ah, yes. Now you must find Oilof the Stone Giant who lives in Giants' Footprints. Some things are coming back to me. He knows . . . . something. Wait. All this drama has truly jogged my memory. I had a stone tablet magically crafted to reveal three tokens that would lead to my treasures. Find the Stone Folio. I can't help you more but if you speak to Oilof the Giant in Giants' Footprints, he should give you some further clue where to find it. Now you must excuse me. I need to write some poetry while my mind is fresh. (He guides you out the door and locks it.)"

    But you must have it in your inventory when you go back to see him. Did you try that?

  • I don’t have the stone folio in my inventory. I have been to Oilof and the Mithras Monk. I got the key from the spider (Minder of Secrets) to unlock the door. Sheets doesn’t give me anything else.
  • Have you been to Long Stones Crypt? The folio is there. You get there from a teleporter in Long Stones' Bog.

  • Wow, don’t know how I missed that. Thanks for the help! I can’t wait for the next installment.
  • No key from witch in Dalvia. Not sure sure how to continue stone folio quest. Is the key an item like a amulet? I tried all keys I have and each time I go to the location of the stone folio there is no reaction when I tap on the coffin. What is the name of the key?
  • Nothing will happen when you tap the coffin except that the first time you'll gain some xp. But if you approach the coffin with the Code Scroll in your inventory, you get the Stone Folio. The Code Scroll is a blue letter. The Code Scroll is in the Tower of Dark Demons. It's on a rock in the far Mideast there. Have you gotten that yet? You need the Amulet of Protection to get in there. Sheets gives this to you. I don't know how far along you've gotten with all this.

  • Have gotten the code scroll. I also have a translated scroll. Do I require anything else when in the tower?
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    Got the stone folio and the three tokens. Thanks again Cat. 🙂
  • You're welcome!

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