Blue Force Fields in Tower of Ghouls



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    I'll do an update. If you talk to the right ghoul before you talk to the Gate Keeper, the Gate Keeper dialogue option disappears. Hang on.

  • You have to speak the gate keeper FIRST . he wil explain to you how to go further THEN solve the riddles then speak to gate keeper . Et voilà

  • That's 100% correct but now I did an update so you can talk to ghouls first and you're still ok. Since one or two people probably will talk to the ghouls first. : )

  • Thank you for doing the update (you’re the bestest!), but still no change. :-( Door is locked tight. Is there something I need to do other than closeout and restart The Quest app?
  • The update hasn't hit yet. It will take a few weeks. You could try an earlier save file and talk to the gatekeeper before you talk to the ghouls.

  • Hi there, I’ve tried that with 3 saves and still doesn’t work. Both the gate at the beginning as well as the one force field left in the north. Do we hold tight for a few weeks. Very tantalising I must say. :)

  • Wait for the update. For the force field, did you talk to Sappho?

  • No, I don’t know how to get to her.

  • There's a pic on the first page of this thread. She removes that force field.

  • Oh! Okay, I will wait for the update. :-) Thank you again for everything you have done and do.
  • I cannot find the switch to open the first gate. I’m on an iPad would that make a difference? There’s no switch beside that gate only two switches opposite where you push the coffins back.

  • There's a pic for that in this thread too further down on the first page. The switch is labeled. Look for a gray switch on a gray green wall on the left. The pic shows it. It's not that close to the gate. You have to look hard at the wall. It's a secret switch.

  • Oh you’re so good. I was nearly going to send you a picture of what I could see then I decided to go around the back. Voila! I’ll never doubt you again. 💋

  • This is an awesome game and I'm having so much fun playing it but I have reached another impasse. I've got to Sappho and have removed one force field. When talking to Sappho my lockpick is 186 and persuasion is 253 but all I get in reply is "he stays. he's my prisoner of love. He stimulates me to write great poetry" and she won't remove second force field. Does anyone have any tips on what I'm doing wrong or have missed??
  • Not sure what I did but I fixed my own problem - amazing what a bit of perseverance can do.
  • I got it easy peasy but the hidden switch on green wall took some time 😊
  • I’m still unable to open door after chairs even after update... still have amulet and spoke to gatekeeper. Did the update affect iOS?

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    Are you using the most recent file? I did an update. Yes, the update affected both iOS and Android. Did you identify the demon Renove correctly? Did you start over tapping the chairs again after you identified him correctly but before you talked to the Gatekeeper?

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