Fox Hole Witches

Of the 3 Little Sisters that live in the fox holes and offer spells for money, only paying and talking to the middle one actually gives a spell, whereas the other two (paid 8k and 6k) seem to just take the money. Is this an intended (lack of) warning against spell scams or are they supposed to actually give spells that though I don’t see in my list?


  • All three give you a spell. Witch on left, Damnation, witch in middle, Witch's Eye, witch on right Worry. This all works on PC. Don't know if there is some mobile problem. We have to test on PC. Check your spells. If you spent the money and don't have them and have a save file, you can send it to Perhaps you already knew those spells?

  • Yeah I already had those other two. May be good to prevent that if people are not as filthy rich as I am
  • Works for me well on Android.

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