Code Scroll?

I may be super dense here but... where is the troll toll––erm, code scroll for Sheets?? I've cleared the Tower of Demons (or so I think) but can't find the scroll anywhere. Does it have perhaps anything to do with the statue that "secretively smiles" at me? That's the one map item I seem not to be able to act on, unless she's just there to smile.


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    Have you spoken to an old hermit and a raven in a bush? The Raven gives you the clue--green rock. Statue has nothing to do with it. : )

  • Erm I’m afraid neither of those... Are they inside the tower?
  • Yes. This is where Harmnone the Hermit is and the Raven is in a bush.

  • Thanks! Somehow I had completely missed that the same arrival teleport takes different places on the way out
  • There is a knight blocking the path to the raven, and he won’t get out of the way until you bring him his golden gauntlets. After you receive this quest, you will find out why the statue had a secretive smile!

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