I now forget the name of the character, but it’s the lady in the basement near the door that lets you into the coven (trying not to spoil too hard). She gives a trait (I think DEX) bump when you talk to her. However, the dialogue option “Pass” which is the one that triggers the trait bump from her does not disappear and you can currently get an infinite amount of bumps—until of course you close the dialogue window with the other dialogue option. How do I know you can get endless bumps? Well... Point is this might need fixing. (angelface)


  • She should disappear after you answer her question correctly. What platform are you on? I checked this on PC and it works correctly. However, I'll fix it so it's impossible or should be impossible. It should be impossible now.

  • I was on Android platform when I saw this.

  • I am on iOS. I tried the trick twice from the same save file and it always does it.

  • That sounds like a mobile timing glitch which I may have to be mindful of in the future. It should no longer happen in the update but it shouldn't have happened.

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