I‘m searching Iron im the Home of Blacksmith since 1 Week. Can anyone Tell me where ist the Home of Blacksmith?


  • If you have the quest Find the Wise Mages, the the Chinese-writing looking script on the wall.

  • sorry for my ignorance, but where i have to tap? Can you give me a location?

  • See this pic---but don't tap---hit with your weapon. Tap will not work.

  • Thanks a lot Cat, maybe i should change my question, i have no idea where the home of the Blacksmith is. Can you please Tell me where is this place? From where i can go there?

  • You get there from a hole in the ground in the far northeast of the Fire Canyons. There's a sign there that says To the Home of the Blacksmith. You get to the Fire Canyons by the teleporter in the Elemental Grid.

  • So nice. I never went on this corner. Sorry and thanks a lot Cat.

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