Disease time

Hello all. I'm trying to get infected by all diseases (am bare stat OPAF and it makes playing more fun). I have west krivda, hades itch, and am lacking ghenna. I feel like there were more. Am I forgetting any? What are the best places for each forgotten disease (if any) and ghenna (besides threshold to transporter room in cave of ascetics)? Thanks!

I would like to put in a word about levels. When you become OP (after lvl 30 I was there due to my playing style), you really just choose your difficulty. Gear, disease, self-imposed handicaps- everything can be done. I hit HOL 3 and snoozed through monsters (was around lvl 30ish) until I realized this. Now I'm having a ball in CQ at lvl 52 and counting. I still have fire and ice (ugh for the 5th time), hol 1, and caerworn (woot) after CQ. So those who are high level: don't worry! Enjoy even low expansions, even if you have to do it naked and punching enemies to death.


  • You don't have Pink Eye. You'll have to play through to find these as it would take me too long to actually find all the places you can get these diseases. So for each of your posts, I'll let you know which disease you don't have but it will be your adventure to catch them. : )

  • Ah, the dreaded pink eye. I though that was just a spell. With no actual quests to do, it makes it difficult, but I'm up for a walkabout. Any active players out there who remember where-ish they came across pink eye?
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